Contact Details & Posting Advice

Our Address is:

where to find Slide-scanner and PhotoresCLICK MAP TO SEE LARGE
21 Tagg Way
Norwich, Norfolk
NR13 6SQ

Our Telephone Number is:

0771 3639 268

You can email us at:

Postage Advice

If you are sending slides to us they will get the most protection if they are still in their storage boxes. If they are in carousels that is fine, leave them in there and post the carousels.

If you want to have your slides in a particular order please number the boxes or carousels, and with boxes please indicate which end to start from.

If you are sending us a photo for restoration please use a hard-backed envelope or a standard envelope reinforced with a piece of card or similar.

Before placing your photos in the envelope mark the envelope on both front and back with the words DO NOT BEND.

If the photograph is framed please remove it from the frame if possible, before sending to us. If it is not possible to remove from the frame without causing damage to the photograph we can still accept it but you should post it in a heavy duty padded bag (Jiffy) and use plenty of padding, such as bubble-wrap. Mark the envelope on both sides with fragile, handle with care.

For Photo Restoration projects please include in your envelope a note outlining the work required, size of print(s) required, etc. Please ensure you supply us with your address and a contact telephone number.

Please remember to include your contact details and a return address in any package you send to us.