Photo Manipulation

What is photo manipulation?

With digital photographic manipulation there is no boundary to what we can do once we have your photo digitised. Except of course for the limits of your imagination.

We scan your photo and then using the digital copy we make any amendments that you require. If you're not sure if what you want is possible just give us a call on 0771 3639 268 and we will be happy to advise.

Just what is possible?

Well, most things are possible. For example you might have an almost perfect photo with an unwanted object in that needs to be removed - we can remove it; or maybe a group photo with a person or persons that you'd rather weren't in the photo - we can remove them; or you might have two or more photos and want to create a single group photo with everyone in; or you might want to change the background of a photo to remove a previously cluttered or inappropriate background. All of this and more is possible.

What does it cost to have an image altered?

Well, the answer is - probably not as much as you'd imagine.

In many cases if the work is minimal (for instance simply removing an object) you will be charged as little as £5 for the manipulation work and then the reprint cost (depending on the size of the print your require).

For more complicated projects you may pay up to £35 for the manipulation work (plus the print cost). Most work falls between those two points.

Call us on 0771 3639 268 to discuss your requirements and we will give you and idea of cost there and then.

You can see print costs below.

Display Quality Photo Print Prices

6" x 4" print: £5

7" x 5" print: £7

8" x 6" print: £9

10" x 8" print: £11

Over 10" x 8" and up to A3+ print: £27

Have a look at an example of what we can do

This client had three photos from her wedding but didn't have one of just her and her mother. So she asked if we could take the group photo and remove two people, close up the photo so her and her mother were beside each other and in addition could we amend her image so she was holding flowers?

So we've taken this image and removed the two gentlemen. Then recreated a newflatbed scanner for scanning photos background for the areas where the gentlemen were. Next we've moved the bride and her mother closer together.

Then we've taken the arms and the flowers from this photo and combined them with our newly created image.flatbed scanner for scanning photos

This gives us the completed image (below) which we have then printed at a display quality - thus filling a gap in the clients treasured wedding album.

flatbed scanner for scanning photos